DL all song of DEEZER.

-Download the app! (It is mandatory you to launch Java)

Download Link

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-Click the "DeezerDownloader3.1.jar" file to open the executable software (the first time you open the software, there is a small time window that opens (about 2 minutes)
If nothing appears, is that Java is not installed or not up to date on your PC. In this case go to this site to check and install: java.com: Java + You

-Then go on Deezer> Create or Connect with your account (free or premium)> Search albums or song> Select Albums or song> Click "Share" and "Copy URL Deezer. "

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-Step to "DeezerDownloader3.1.jar"> Paste the URL into "Song to Find" (CTRL + V)> Search. It remains only to download!

-it's possible to search directly via DeezerDownloader

-Tip: click on "Show Setting" at the bottom of the search bar. This allows to choose the directory or will be registered MP3. Check subdirectory album for album artist, this will automatically rank the songs in the same group in a directory.

song is dl in 320kb/s with tag !:rdm:
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